Hello readers this is the first of several short articles where I talk about some of the research that goes into making my images.

Remember in math class how you asked yourself “When the %^@! am I gonna use this!” – well dark times are upon us, hell HAS frozen – Math has become an incremental aspect of art and design.

In this article I will look at how procedurally generated content has shaped the creation of games and it’s implementation in the design of characters and environments. I plan on looking at thing like World Machine, Terragen and Space Engine (and if we have time maybe even rant about No Man’s Sky 😉 )

Procedurally generated content has found a comfortable place in the workflow of most artists in recent times – be it to generate templates, detail maps or even entire assets – its speed and ability to generate an infinite number of artifacts has made it an invaluable asset in recent times. As such I decide to look at several papers that explore some interesting ideas in the field.