In this paper the authors present a workflow for generating an ecological scatter simulation of assets that is based both on procedural data an artistic input. This means that apart from getting a natural looking distribution of tree models according to size and species that are distributed much like they would be in real life, the artist himself can guide the appearance of this eco system. This is important as it can quickly blend artistic vision with realism.

I have tried to replicate a similar workflow in the past with tree distribution in an environment by using a wide range of software and I have to admit that I managed to receive the worst of both ends a crippled control over the flow of vegetation, combined with an unnatural looking distribution of assets. This is why I am excited for this work flow.

12885698_10201472613094062_2920555358325863507_o*My experiment with this used distribution maps that were based on geological masks that looked at erosion, sediment carry and slope angle that were combined and pained over to better guide asset spread.

Bradbury, GA, Subr, K, Koniaris, C, Mitchell, K & Weyrich, T 2015, ‘Guided Ecological Simulation for Artistic Editing of Plant Distributions in Natural Scenes’ Journal of Computer Graphics Techniques, vol 4, no. 4, pp. 28-53.