Hello readers this is the first of several short articles where I talk about some of the research that goes into making my images.

In this particular post I will be looking into the Uncanny Valley of digital characters. To start you off with a simple explanation –
The uncanny valley refers to our ability to differentiate between real human faces and things that TRY to look like real human faces. This in essence is a defense mechanism that millions of years ago allowed us to spot predators or other dangers that could potentially try to lure you with a familiar sight.

Fast forward several million year however and the uncanny valley is your ability to differentiate between real and CGI characters. More than that studies find that certain characters like cartoons or stylized drawings and paintings do not trigger this uncomfortable feeling – however more advanced models with accurate skin and eye textures seem to trigger this feeling.

Stay tuned for more science and (dare  I say) research on the matter (by ME!!!).


Needless to say this field is extremely interesting to any artist with character artists like me even more so as this can have a direct impact on the quality of our work. As such I have looked at several journal articles on the matter.